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ORB products allow construction of various kind of CNG stations and thus customers have a wide range of possible choices according to their specific requirement and configurations. A correct choice of the CNG station design shall consider all of the above variables with the aim of obtaining the best performances with the minimum investment.


Pipeline Stations

Thanks to a wide products range, ORB offers any type of pipeline stations; from small public stations to big mother station to refill trailers.

According to the daily sales, ORB designs CNG stations up to n°3 refill lines achieving maximum efficiency and CNG manage, reducing the time vehicles refueling.


  • Turnkey solutions
  • Redundancy plant for no stop working 24/7.
  • Mother stations that manage both trailers refueling and other vehicles
  • Increase daily sales with minimum investment costs
  • Maximum versatility thanks to the design of modular units minimizing the consumption
  • Plant installation in areas where electric power is not available
  • Remote control and management of the functional parameters of the station through browser web
  • Possibility to enable the vehicles refill by means of the card

Daughter Stations


To ensure the supply of natural gas vehicles in the geographical areas in which the pipeline is not present, it is necessary to realise a network of CNG refuelling stations powered by mobile trailers called “daughters”. In order to satisfy this need, SAFE has developed two types of booster compressors ( hydraulic and mechanical ) such as to entrain the gas directly from the CNG trailer with performances that meet all the capacity needs.


  • Wide range of suction pressures : from 250 to 10 bar
  • Maximum efficiency by optimizing
      • CNG trailer emptying
      • the management of the compressed gas through a priority panel complete with recompression.
  • High Reliability
  • Driven by electric motor or gas engine
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Reduced costs

ORB designs and manufactures turnkey solutions with the possibility of installation in metal containers transportable referred to as ” all-in -one”. These containers include both the compressor unit equipped with all the accessories both the dispensing unit, making fast and easy transferring the station from an area to another, depending on the needs of CNG.

Mobile Stations


When the need arises to refill vehicles daily in various strategic areas, or to evaluate possible uses of CNG stations in various geographic areas, the ideal solution with minimum investment costs is the mobile station. ORB’s goal is to design and manufacture compact stations suitable for installation on trucks completely independent from external resources such as electric power. Therefore, thanks to the ORB mobile stations, it is possible to stop the truck in any area to refuel vehicles with CNG.

SAFE offers two types of mobile stations driven by gas engine:

  • small flow-rate using a compact hydraulic compressor equipped with 1 or 2 refilling hoses.
  • medium/high flow-rate with mechanical compressor

Both solutions include:

  • skid in customised metallic enclosure to reduce the overall dimensions
  • assembly of all accessories for the operation and safety of the compressor unit
  • one or two filling points equipped with display and mass flow meters


The ORB provides turnkey solutions manufacturing (on demand) the storage divided into 3 banks equipped with priority and safety panel. This storage is installed in a suitable metallic enclosure placed next to the compression unit.

Private Fleets Station


The cost of traditional fuels (gasoline and diesel), becoming higher day by day, makes the purchase or the conversion of vehicles to the CNG usage progressively more convenient.

There are certain civil or industrial organisations (municipalities, waste collection companies, logistic and material handling centres or even simple private companies) that, basing on the number of the owned vehicles and yearly mileage, have high convenience to purchase CNG vehicles.

These same organisations may also find convenient to have at their disposal CNG refuelling plants inside their company, in order not to be dependent on public refuelling stations that impose opening hours, distances and refuelling times often not compatible with the economical management of personnel and fleet.

ORB is in a position to propose tailored solutions for the installation of private CNG refuelling plants to civil and industrial users that want to convert their vehicles fleet to the usage of this type of fuel, in order to minimise their management costs.



Typically a CNG refueling station is designed as a function of different site-specific parameters such as:

  • Availability of natural gas from the pipeline or from trailers
  • Pipeline pressure
  • Average daily demand for natural gas (flow rate)
  • Peaks hours CNG demand
  • Power capacity available at the site
  • Type of vehicles to be refueled



  • Maximum refueling speed
  • Minimum engagement of electric power and the minimum energy consumption for the compression
  • Bigger reliability with minimum risks of station stopped for maintenance
  • Minimum encumbrance for installation of a plant in refueling stations with multiple fuels
  • Plant modularity which allows accompanying the development of the station CNG demand
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