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ORB is a provider of Internet-based charging infrastructure, supporting all EV charging standards. ORB offers a total solution: specific charging solutions for any location type and connected services to enhance your business. The chargers easily connect to any service or payment application.

ORB’s Internet-connected chargers enable fast global service and pro-active maintenance. ORB has years of experience in creating, installing, and maintaining charging infrastructure, including several nationwide charger networks.

Best in class charger uptime guaranteed

ORB Charger Care helps to achieve maximum uptime for fast charger networks and securing your charging business.

ORB takes full ownership of the uptime of your charging network. A high uptime starts with high-quality products. The Charger Service Centre and tailored diagnostic tooling enable responding effectively and timely to any irregularity in the network.

Upon failure ORB will respond with a professional staff of technicians and always resolve the situation. Depending on the type of Service Level Agreement (SLA), a customer receives pro-active advice and first priority case resolution.

Additional to the standard SLAs there are extra options to choose from, to tailor the maintenance and repair concept towards your service organisation and competences. Furthermore, several training programs can be included in the SLA.

Get most out of your EV charging infrastructure

ORB implements APIs to connect your added value systems. The APIs are fully based on the customer’s needs. All ORB APIs have openly available specifications.

ABB also offers Web modules for smaller networks without an own back office. Three Web modules are available: Operator Pro for networks in closed communities, Driver Care and Payment for public charger networks. Each web solution consists of several modules.

Advance Technology

ORB’s flash charging technology permits a bus to be recharged in only 15 seconds

ORB’s flash charging technology permits a bus to be recharged in only 15 s. Furthermore, this occurs at bus stops at which the bus needs to stop anyway, meaning schedules are not negatively affected. As soon as the bus has drawn to a halt, a contact on its roof automatically rises, using laser guidance to align with an overhead receptacle. A flash charger then delivers 400 kW for 15 s.

The energy delivered suffices as a top-up charge and helps reduce required battery capacity. Further brief recharging occurs as energy is recovered in braking. A longer and full recharge is provided at the bus terminus, where 200 kW can be delivered for 3 to 5 min using the same roof-mounted contact.

Because a 400 kW draw during flash charging can pose a challenge for the local electricity grid, the charger station uses super capacitors to flatten out the current peak and reduce the load on the grid. In contrast to solutions relying on recharging at night, TOSA is naturally suited to the use of solar power and its daytime availability.

Easy installation and quick commissioning

ORB believes that it should not take ages to get your new charger up and running. Installation and commissioning should be convenient and smart.

With ORB’s clear instructions it is possible to install your new chargers yourself. Your local fitter licensed to work with the rated powers can take care of it, thanks to the transparent manual delivered with every charger.

Prior to and during the installation, ORB is available for advice on placing the new equipment. Our highly skilled service representatives know how your customers value your business. With years of experience and lots of chargers placed, ORB can help you optimising your site.

If despite the easy and optimized installation procedure a turnkey solution is desired, it is always possible to contact your local sales representative to discuss the possibilities.

After installation, commissioning is taken care of by a certified ORB engineer.

Easily order and install spare parts

Have you ever wondered which bag fits into your vacuum cleaner? Don’t worry if you need any spare parts or consumables for your charger. With our easy online system, your new part is just one click away.

Thanks to ORB’s remote trouble-shooting capabilities, replacing parts or consumables in your charger is easy. Aided by remote troubleshooting, your ABB service organisation can easily order the spare parts for you. Moreover, all spare parts have high availability. Your local service organisation can help you by replacing parts, or by giving the technical support you need. It is possible to return your replaced parts to ORB as part of our end-of-life services.

Maximise your customer satisfaction

ORB training courses teach how ORB tools help to improve your customer care. Our experience with EV charging helps you further.

Your driver care centre is essential to keep your customers satisfied with your services. In ORB’s trainings, you get familiar with the tools ORB has available to help your customers fast.

With real-time information and possibilities to remotely analyse any inconveniences, your driver care is fast and accurate. We provide you with the essential technical understanding of your charger, key to maximising customer satisfaction.

Streamlined maintenance

ORB chargers are low maintenance products because of their robust design on the outside and high quality components on the inside. In case any maintenance is needed, ORB makes it easy.

Maintenance to you charger can be done by ORB, but it is possible to do parts of it yourself as well. ORB helps to make maintenance a quick and well-managed pit stop.

Getting things up and running again

Despite all prevention – quality components, preventive maintenance, remote monitoring – a charger could stop functioning. We understand that you want your charger to be up and running again as soon as possible.

When a charger needs to be repaired, this is done by a skilled technician. Aided by the information obtained by remote monitoring, repairs are quick and the first time right.

A repair can be done quickly. Rapid repairs are possible because of the charger’s modular design. ORB’s fast service minimises the downtime and inconvenience in your location.

Upgrade or update your EV chargers

ORB has updates and upgrades for your chargers, in both hardware and software.

Updates are included in your SLA or are for sale separately. Software updates include adjustments to the latest charging standards and necessary bug fixes. Hardware updates also may include adjustments to the latest charging standards.

Upgrades imply new functionality, both in hardware and in software. Upgrades also can be included in your SLA or are for sale separately. Because charging of EVs is a young market, the development is ongoing and new possibilities are occurring every day. Upgrades keep your charger on the leading edge and let it follow the latest market developments.

Conscious end-of-life services

Our chargers are produced with high-quality components and have a robust design. This means that it takes a while before a charger is really end-of-life. For most of the chargers, it will be possible to have a second chance somewhere else in the world.

If in any case you are ending your service with your charger, or maybe are replacing it with a newer model, it is always possible to deliver the charger back to us. The return conditions are subject to negotiations.

In many cases, the charger is not end-of-life after returning it. ORB’s large network increases the opportunities to give the charger or its components a second life. Without a doubt, it can be said that giving products another opportunity is environmentally and socially welcome.

In the few cases that a product is really end-of-life, ORB takes care of the environment by disposing of the product according to the local laws for safe and conscious disposal.

After you have ordered (and used) any spare parts, it is possible to return the original parts to ORB. In most cases you will receive a refund. Ask your local service representative for the terms and conditions.

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