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Solar & Wind


ORB Cycle Plus is a power supply system suitable for Telecom systems, radio links, oil and gas pipelines and SCADA systems installed in disadvantaged areas not reached by the electrical distribution. The basic configuration is similar to the ORB Cycle with the integration of power through photovoltaic and/or wind power system. Wind turbines and/or solar panels, with nominal power up to 10 kW, integrate the charging of the batteries ensuring greater autonomy of the system, and a smaller number of charging and discharging cycles of the batteries. This solution further extends the service intervals of power generators.

In addition, the presence of multiple sources of energy gives the independent station a high level of reliability. Wind turbines are designed to operate in extreme weather conditions with strong winds and very low temperatures. Solar panels can be installed directly on the containers or in the vicinity of the installation site based on the power choice. The station can be controlled remotely via a remote supervision system that enables easy control of the facility and the ability to resolve any malfunctions.


> Customer power up to 15 kW
> Voltage loads: 12÷48 Vdc
> System life cycle exceeding 15 years
> Complete System for easy installation
> Scada and remote control system
> High reliability and energy savings
> Scheduled Maintenance every 10-12 months
> Wind Turbines independent of wind direction, operation even with strong winds
> Highly efficient photovoltaic panels
> Operating environment temperatures: +55 °C/ -40 °C

Everything is designed and constructed to provide the customer with the best in terms of reliability, the durability of the components and the rationalisation of energy.

How it works

Special batteries power the load until minimum voltage is reached, then the generator is activated to recharge the batteries, until the scheduled nominal charge is reached; the installed units have an alternative operation. The presence of at least two generators allows, in addition to a high reliability, an operation for a limited number of hours each year ensuring very limited maintenance cycles.
The ORB Cycle is completed by liquid and/or electrical heating systems, DC electrical air-conditioners for the battery area, sand filters for environments such as deserts, fire and intrusion prevention systems.


Typical arrangement of the components in a ORB Cycle Plus system. Modular solutions reassembled on site are made on request in order to facilitate transportation to inconvenient places even with the use of helicopters.

ORB Cycle Plus, typical internal arrangement of the main components of two containers combined with.

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