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Diesel & Gas


ORB Cycle is a power supply system suitable for Telecom systems, radio links, oil and gas pipelines and Scada systems, installed in disadvantaged areas and areas not reached by the electrical network. Made with separate or combined modular containers, they are composed of generators, large-capacity tanks, and special high autonomy batteries suitable for the power of the user load. There are also control panels and DC current distribution, control systems for the entire plant for the management of the various sequences and internal temperatures.

The control of each individual station carried out remotely using specially designed software to ensure the complete management of the plant to the end customer. Particular attention is paid to the study and realisation of container systems: each one is specially designed for the installation site. ORB manufactures containers designed for arctic environments and desert areas. Solutions are made with diesel or natural gas power engines: all this makes it possible to provide an intelligent and reliable system, with the priority of safeguarding and optimising the energy produced by the system.


> Customer power : 1÷10 kWe
> Voltage loads: 12÷48 Vdc
> Life of the system in excess of 15 years
> Complete System with easy installation
> Scada and remote control system
> High reliability and energy savings
> Operating environment temperatures: +55°C -50 °C

PLC system provides the information of the plant for remote transmission via Scada system, customised tele-controls.

How it works

Special batteries power the load until minimum voltage is reached, then the generator is activated to recharge the batteries, until the scheduled nominal charge is reached; the installed units have an alternative operation. The presence of at least two generators allows, in addition to a high reliability, an operation for a limited number of hours each year ensuring very limited maintenance cycles.
The ORB Cycle is completed by liquid and/or electrical heating systems, DC electrical air-conditioners for the battery area, sand filters for environments such as deserts, fire and intrusion prevention systems.


ORB Cycle systems are used in many areas in which continuous and reliable power is required for inaccessible sites and in the presence of extreme climatic conditions. Some examples may be the use on gas pipelines and/or oil pipelines feeding stations that constantly transmit information or support to equipment used for mobile telephony.

Variants of the Cycle System


The ORB MPS Cycle systems can also be installed in the presence of an electrical network. In this case, the batteries are charged with the energy drawn from the main source and the generator set intervenes as an emergency unit in the event of network failures.

Management of the cycle system is usually entrusted to a PLC that checks all electrical and environmental parameters of the system, decides when to start up the groups, manages the charging and discharging of the batteries, the alternation of power generators, the temperature of the generator room and batteries. Emergency manual controls are always possible in case of failures in the PLC.

The remote management system, provided on request, enables complete supervision of all system parameters and of any alarms. Moreover, there are possible solutions for remote control, which allow ORB technicians to work on the system from a remote location if needed in the case of corrections, operation optimisation or if needed to diagnose malfunctions and program servicing.

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