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We specialise in solar battery storage solutions for businesses, helping you better manage your electrical consumption through the use of renewables and associated technology onsite. We can also connect home owners with a trusted installation partner for domestic solar battery storage.

We offer a full turnkey solution for solar battery storage that includes analysing your suitability and opportunities, specifying the right technology/solutions and installation. We have strong relationships with some of the World’s biggest technology brands to deliver industry leading solutions and expertise to your business. Batteries can be installed as part of a wider energy strategy with solar PV or as a stand-alone solution that provides an additional income stream. Continue reading below for more details.

Domestic solar battery storage


Domestic solar battery storage solutions are generally only viable with arrays larger than 3.5 kWp. If installing with an existing array, daily generation meter readings (half hourly is preferred) and export data may be required to assess your suitability.

Why install battery storage?

A battery storage installation helps your business better manage its electricity consumption. By utilising your electrical connections, your business has a number of options:

Batteries integrate with renewable generation such as solar PV, acting as a store for surplus electricity generated onsite rather than exporting it. In certain circumstances, a battery can be used to reduce the costs of upgrading the grid if the local infrastructure needs to be upgraded to support business growth for connecting new renewable systems.

You can also seek additional revenue from a battery, using it purely as an income generator, or you might use it for your own benefit, modulating your use of grid electricity to reduce costs. Alternatively, you may use a combination of the two.

Onsite solar battery storage benefits

When connected to your site’s infrastructure, commercial batteries can protect your business against future energy price rises, peak energy prices and business interruption through the following ways;

Back up power

Not to be confused with uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), a battery can act as a fail-safe power supply in case your business suffers a power outage. By switching to the battery system in the event of an outage, batteries can allow your business to continue through a black out.

Load shifting

Avoid buying energy when spot prices are high by storing energy when it is cheap and using it during periods of higher charges. Businesses also benefit from charging the battery from onsite sources like solar, increasing revenues from the solar PV by reducing the export.

Peak shaving

By using electricity from a battery during periods of high onsite consumption, maximum power demand from the grid can be minimised. This allows a business to reduce its peak consumption, thereby reducing non-commodity charges.

External grid services

In addition to the above onsite services, there are a number of grid services that a battery can provide; utilising your company’s grid connection and providing an income to your business through supporting the local grid.

The following services are generally procured through an aggregator and EvoEnergy can initiate an introduction to those with whom we have successfully worked:

Frequency response

This describes the ability to quickly supply electricity to/or absorb electricity from the grid at critical times. This might be in the event of a power station shutdown or the over-supply of electricity from wind during a weekend. Batteries are able to switch quickly to charge or discharge, making them ideal to meet frequency market requirements.

Capacity market (standby reserve)

Linked to frequency response, a standby reserve market exists and battery owners can bid into this annually to provide energy when called upon to do so by the National Grid.

The challenge with income from these external grid services is there is no long term certainty over the price of these services, meaning that business owners need to assess these risks and market opportunities moving forward. The National Grid is undergoing a period of significant change and whilst the grid is likely to always need balancing there is little visibility as to how this will be achieved into the future.

Is battery storage viable for my business?

The installation of a battery provides many benefits, though the ability to install a battery depends upon both your site’s infrastructure and the ability of the local electricity grid to accommodate it; EvoEnergy can make early enquiries on behalf of your business to ascertain the viability of a battery.

The value of a battery will also depend upon the use and charges that your business experiences and, if grid services are procured, on the value that an aggregator will pay for use of a battery.

We can give you indicative revenue streams, according to current market conditions and energy prices, and work with you to assess your opinions of where inflation will sit and how you value your network access.

Funding for battery storage

As battery technology becomes more affordable, but also more technical, there are business owners who recognise the value and wish to purchase these benefits without the capital costs. ORB works with a number of battery funders who provide turnkey solutions for businesses prepared to enter into contracts for the provision of battery services.

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